May 25, 2010

Can You Remember??

I had some great idea this weekend of what I wanted to blog about, well that idea is gone. And now I can't seem to remember was a long weekend, we got a lot done!!!! Oh Ryan roped three calves and I assisted in getting them in the trailer and to stand up again. A few days earlier I felt like a haze horse running through the trees and the creek keeping the calves off the rocks so Ryan could rope on foot. I've realized I am the most out of shape I have ever been but, I think I've gotten my exercise for a while after those two events. Now that we have the gator I don't have to walk as much to put feed out!!!

Tana had a big weekend, more exploring, more talking. She has the that syndrome of you're not my mama and can't tell me what to do. She and I have a big time together, chase each other, play, laugh, try new foods. She doesn't take orders well from other people, she runs to me!!!

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