May 26, 2010

Well Read

While I am still waiting on my first book to arrive...and found out a few days ago they made a movie about it with Julia Roberts to come out in August...I've been listening to Reflections from the White House by Barbara Bush. The more I listen, the more she sounds like my grandmother. That's a compliment to both of them!!! Barbara tells so many stories, things she's learned, seen or where she's traveled and what life was like there. She explains the Bush family and it makes them seem so much more real, even though I always believed that anyway.

Barbara Bush makes a comment about having married well and that has allowed her to do the things she has and travel to far away places. It made me stop and think I must have married well also, because without Ryan I would not have the things I have and I have been able to accomplish so much with him behind me.

I would also claim that Ryan married well too!!! We all must live by that saying that a successful rancher has a wife that works in town, even though he has a job too!!!

Back to my crazy day and I look forward to a few more minutes with Barbara!!!

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