June 21, 2010

Don't Shoot!!

This post is a tribute to Ryan as we had a gun that did not work properly this weekend and will be taken apart and destroyed. I must say that I am amazed that a ten year old lawnmower with almost all new parts, except for the fraying gas line and wired together springs, has done a great job mowing our yard. Not to mention our actual yard is the size of most city blocks!!! Later I will be working on creating a new page under my blog about the books I've read. There are now just too many to write about on the right that they will receive their own page so that I can leave my reviews posted. Tana and I visited the local library for the first time on Saturday, signed up for a card and checked out two books for her and two audio books for me. You wouldn't believe that the book she chose was "The Best Dad Under the Sea" like she knew it was the day before Father's Day. Then I chose "Buffa Buffalo" for her and she hasn't been very impressed with it. But she loves books and I think we will start a great routine of visiting the library!!

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