June 29, 2010

Tough Times

Many of you understand the feelings that some experience, am I neglecting my child, neglecting my husband, neglecting myself by being so busy, working to please everyone around me. Ryan and I haven't even had this conversation...at least not lately...but we have both made a conscience effort to spend more time together, focused on each other, our kids, our place. For the first time in forever our entire front yard is mowed, we've watered the grass, we've arranged all the animals like we want, and we've spent time together. Nothing else in the world matters when you find that state of being that feels right. I know we all have to get up in the morning and have things to do...but for a few minutes out of the day it's nice to know that nothing else in the world matters in your life. I searched for a quote and this one seems to best describe where we have been.

“You've spent your whole life running and running, trying to catch up with something that has never been there for you. And all you've done is go farther and farther away from the precious love that's been waiting for you all the time.”


And here's a quote on where we are now.


“I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you."


We are both stubborn, hard-headed, strong-willed, the list goes on and on, but without each other we are nothing and we make great partners in life, business and family. 

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