July 2, 2010

Fabulous Footware

Tana is setting the stage for the next wave of fashion!! First I must add my mother had done an amazing job picking out the cutest clothes for Tana...and shoes. But Tana's favorite shoes are her BOOTS. I wonder why, she sees me and her daddy put our's almost every day. First she wore them with her sun dress, too cute, next denim shorts and a shirt, yesterday with pink shorts and a shirt...and today I put her sandals on. I dropped Tana off and handed her boots over, she immediately took her sandals off and put her boots on! What a girl. She's also getting really good in the barn and around the animals. We introduced her to barb wire, I set her little finger on the barb so she could feel that it was sharp. She looked at me, looked at her finger and looked at the fence like, why would I want to touch that again!!! It worked, she hasn't touched the fence, now if we can just keep her away from any of the hot fence!!!! It's Friday and I'm thankful for getting to have a long weekend with the family, thankful to have a wonderful husband and look forward to the small fireworks with the kids and Indian tacos tomorrow!!!! Life couldn't get much better.

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