August 6, 2010

End of the week....

Well for some of you, lucky me gets to work tomorrow too!!! It's been so busy I can't even remember everything there is to write about and at this moment don't have much funny to say. Tana is exploring more and is very independent and Tate so wants Tana to sleep in her big bed!! Those two have a pact or something, they love to play together!!! Tana picked tomatoes with us and mainly the orange ones, then proceeded to take a bite out of each of them and throw them down. No wonder, they shouldn't have been picked anyway.

Latest experiment (besides how long the trash can stay in the container) - making refrigerator pickles. So many wonderful people have given me cucumbers and Tana and I can only eat so many, we attempted to make pickles last night. We will try the first ones next weekend and if they are any good will give some away. I don't want to take my chances though!!!!

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