August 25, 2010

Let's Play Catch Up!!!

First - It's amazing when you fix spaghetti and then spaghetti casserole and the kids like the casserole's the same thing.....oh well, at least it was a hit.

Next - Tana interacted with many people she did not know last night and I'm very proud of her, she was stuck on my like glue, by the way, have you heard that song. I'm stuck on you like glue, I've kept telling Ryan that lately, he just looks at me funny.

Next - IT WAS VERY COOL THIS MORNING. For those living to the south you have no clue, but we just got the best wake up call that winter is coming. It was a great break to all the heat.

Tana's latest habit is taking her diaper off all the time. She will get all of her clothes off just to take it off, so I'm thinking we need to work on asking if she needs to go. I checked on her last night and she was peacefully sleeping in her crib....with no diaper.

Tate is still enjoying school, he read two books to Tana and me last night. I was so proud that after a summer of me reading, he had no trouble with the words!!!!!!!

More will come in the next few days, it's busy right now!!!!

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