August 9, 2010

More Stories...

After hand-washing the truck on Saturday, Ryan and I rewarded ourselves by creating the most delicious appetizers off the grill on Sunday. Wow, who knew you could grill tomatoes will all sorts of toppings, and have such tasty vegetable skewers. Plus, almost everything came out of our garden. I will be picking tomatoes today, Ryan will have plenty to eat while I'm gone.

All of the cows/calves/steers/bulls are doing well...we was playing hide and seek, so we are waiting to locate him!!! The youngest bull is growing like a week, we look forward to bringing him back to the house in a few months and he'll get breed a few next year. In the mean time, Bubba is being Bubba, he's learned many manners at our school for cattle discipline!!!! We are looking forward to seeing what his calf crop looks like next year, reminding everyone he was 5/5 on producing heifer calves. If he produces all heifers next year we may look at going into the replacement heifer business. Ryan thinks we just got lucky because we were trying to build our herd, but at some point in time you might like a steer to either put in the freezer or sell!!!

Tana was a joy as usual, she now thinks she's big enough to move the sprinkler just like Ryan and I do, she's miss independent all the way.

I'm a little late on this photo, but here's the brakes...on the left if a brand new one, and the right is what came off the truck.

Ryan is so very talented and saves us a ton of money by doing many projects himself...with me in tow. We only had one mishap during changing the brakes, I was in charge of measuring how much air was in each tire, and filling them if they needed it. The first tire I get to, put the gauge on, and the air would not quit shooting out. Ryan fixed it then told me to go in the house because we couldn't afford to fix everything I touch!!!! I didn't though, I finished my job and was his helper! If only a fly was on the wall to tell all of our stories.

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