September 3, 2010

Who Talks About Things Like This ...

I often wonder, are we normal...yet deep down I know we aren't. Last night Ryan and I have a serious conversation about ear tags in cattle....hello, who talks about things like this???? The majority of the herd has white tags...some have red...the bulls are green...and all outside/stockers/yearlings have yellow. There are blank blue ones to use later on when we get into ai/embryo work. Ryan and I have differing opinions on who needs what tag, fortunately I can look at every cow/calf/bull and know exactly who they are, who their mother was and what bull they are out of...unfortunately Ryan cannot. I also bet I can do it from the rear without looking at any tag. Today I am printing off Ryan's cheat sheet so maybe the ear tags will not be an issue again. The only other issue we have is where the brand needs to be. I give up!!!!! But really, who talks about things like this??? It's not what bills need to be paid or why did you spend $600.00 at the feed store, let's clean the house, or Tana needs's ear tags and brands. Guess you could say we live a lot differently than most!! All else aside we are very serious about building our herd of cattle to be uniform and productive in all areas. They can also be called lawnmowers and weed eaters around our place. The dog and cats often help clean out the refrigerator, but are mostly used to keep any other pest or rodent away. Hope the kittens get tough before the coyotes move in!!!!!

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