October 29, 2010

Breeze in the Air

Well actually we live in the panhandle so it is more like a dead on wind!!!! As I walked across a parking lot today, very confidently and got into a pretty cool truck, I realized that it is not that I think I am better than anyone else, but that I have worked extrememly hard to get where I am and have what I have...and I am proud of myself. And even on my bad days I will fake it well!!! That's probably the most important part, any day you see me you probably won't know whether Tana and I had a good morning, if all things went well, it's not important, because if you dwell on those things it ruins your day. Instead I go one and fake it for a few hours and it makes it all better and I'm always excited to pick Tana up...even though it might be a rough evening!

I have cleaned my desk and gotten prepared for Monday, what a way to stay ahead. My mom is going to be proud of that one. Weaning a few more calves this weekend and really looking at the cows as they ALL seem to be bred. I will save time and not tell the story about our bull again, but Bubba has a high percentage rate...and had all heifers last year!!! Should start having calves in March...well the herd at least...the last one we bought will calve in February. She's come around, calmed down and fits in well with the others, she just had a bad moment when she tried to jump out of the sale ring and then proceeded to put everyone on the fence while we loaded and then attempted to jump out of the trailer the whole way home. Thank goodness for pipe pens!!! But the trusy cows put her in line!

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