October 22, 2010

Here I am again

It has been 10 days since I posted and I promise to get much better. Life has just been too good!

Where else in the world...and Andy I know you have it much better than this...can you get up from your chair, walk across the street and stand in the driver through at the bank to get money. Just too funny. People in larger towns would think I'm crazy!!!

Tana is growing, talking and keeping us busy. She has caught on to so much and knows what we are saying. Before long she will learn how to spell since she's taken up practicing Tate's spelling words too. Oh yes, and on Monday we found out he made a 93 on the spelling test Friday. Like I told him it just takes practice and he admitted he was so proud of himself, we were too. He has another one today and we will again wait patiently until Monday! Tana loves when Tate reads to her at night.

And, drumroll please, the announcement of all times....Tana has slept in her bed for two nights!!!!!!! So proud of her, she had a little trouble falling to sleep last night, but she made it. I'm sad because she's growing up, but I'm proud of her, I know it takes a lot to be in a really dark room all by yourself and in a big bed!!!!  Well not that big, just a twin size on the bottom bunk, but still!

I am reminded again today how fortunate I am to have the Ball family in our lives. Tana would not be as smart as she is, or know what she knows, or get to do the things she  is allowed without this family. They are all part of our family as well and are so gracious in taking Tana in as a member of their family and she even gets to spend the night some times!!!!

More another day I promise!!

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