October 28, 2010

Just Once

Just once I plead...please let us have a family dinner...planned ahead of time and let us all be there. After taking my new job I knew our lives would change, and waited several weeks to plan anything. Last night was our frist planned dinner with wonderful friends...and...it didn't go as planned. Several unexpected events that occured yesterday...and then driving down the road only to turn around and take Ryan home. He had to go to work. But Tate, Tana and I attended and ate a delicious meal...we were even nice enough to take Ryan a plate home.

I must admit, Ryan says it often...but Tana may be just like me. I thought I had met my match when I met Ryan...but Tana may be it. She does often throw fits like I remember and then she often acts just like her Daddy. Someone help me. Thank goodness for Marcy and the awesome way she has with Tana!!!

It's a beautiful day outside, although on the cool side, but we will be cleaning out the wood burning stove soon. I wrote too soon about the wennies that turned on their heaters because Ryan forced me to agree to it last night too. He was right, it was a little chilly this morning.

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