November 4, 2010

Getting Busy

One evening without Tana was productive. We all missed her...but we all got a lot done. The house is still a mess, but Tate and I worked hard on jewelry...after having fun in the barn. We have new cats, and Tate has many bovine friends that he can feed by hand and a few he can even pet. But that's what you get when you have old show heifers and bottle fed cows in the pasture! We weaned two more calves last night, for anyone that knows Bella, our lead cow, her calf is a spitting image. Very curious, very much in charge of anything, the first one in the pen, very gentle but doesn't want to be a pet...and doesn't like dogs. There is only one calf left, she was born on July 4th, had a minor setback when she had mouth/tongue problems, but thanks to a good cow, she has come around well. Tate knows he has lots of options with the heifers and how cool woudl it be for him to show Sadie's granddaughter, or even daughter his first year. They are very cool heifers, AOB...but will compete with anything. Enough enough I can talk about cattle all day!!!!

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