November 9, 2010

New Stories

I promise I have pictures, just haven't had much time to get them loaded!!!! The newest thing...Tana has a very small metal pail that she now uses to feed the cows, it only holds a few pieces of cake...but she loves it. She again helped feed last night and it took Tate, Ryan and I all watching her. She was mess last night!!! But loves her fishsticks!! Thank God for the person that invented those. We are preparing for our trip to the Ranch Rodeo, taking the kids for the first time and doing many errands while in the big city. And I've been spending a few nights working on websites and jewelry. I had a huge goal of the amount I needed to stock everywhere before Christmas, and have not been successful in making that many. And have sold many along the way as well!!! Hope to have some pictures of those before long too. Other than that regular days..

OOOHHHH - forgot one thing, Tana colored on the wall for the first time last night. She has been so good and colors on the pages on the table, but last night she put the colors in her pocket and as I was folding laundry on the bed, I heard a noise. First it was the pink crayon on the antique mirror...than and nice violet crayon on our very light bedroom wall. After getting into much trouble, she was required to watch me scrub the wall. All is good, it all came off well!!!!!!

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