November 18, 2010

The Weekend

We had a great weekend and survived the Ranch Rodeo with the kids on Thursday. Tate was in awe of all of the hats and tack...and his big purchase as a new knife!!!! Tana enjoyed calling random men with cowboys hats on, daddy. I think most of them were okay with it! She also found a guy playing music and signing, regret not buying his cd for $5...he was actually very good and Tana danced for him. And probably the kicker to the whole thing would be Tana finding hay at a boot exhibit. The she walked back down the stairs and didn't understand why the calves would not eat her hay during the team branding. Hello Tana...those baby calves were trying not to get roped!!!! Anyway, I snuck the hay away from her!!!!

It's been a long week already, and this is the first time in a long time I've said that. Auditors are gone so life has slowed down a bit.

Tana has become quite the little helper. She now carries in the small pieces of wood for the fire and hands them to me one by one while I'm building it! Too cute.

I have pictures that I need to post, Tate shot his first animal last week. A bird...that took three bb's to kill. He was so proud and we took a picture, I can remember the first bird I shot. I can also remember the woodpecker I shot and fought the cats over. I had to show it off before they ate it!

And hopefully soon we will have a picture of me hunting as well. Loading the gun and getting ready tonight...I've had enough of the coyotes that have decided to take up camp at the house. I'm always too slow or don't have the right stuff with me when they are prowling int he pasture. So I will officially be on the lookout for that very large sucker in the morning. Will have to call Ryan, make him come home and take a picture if I get him. I'm already excited!!! Odds are I will never see him again though!

Preparing my breakfast menus for Thanksgiving and Christmas, if they turn out well I will post them. Trying a soufle for the first time ever for Thanksgiving and have a wonderful garden frittata recipe for Christmas!!!

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