December 10, 2010

48 Hours

I cannot even begin to explain all that has happened in the last 48 hours. After traveling 12 hours, who knows how many miles, Tate is back home after his 4th ear surgery. He needs lots of prayers. This did not go as planned, mid way through the Dr. reported Tate needed much more than expected. His poor little ear. He's very sore today but Jennifer is keeping him on medicine!!!!! This may be a long road to recovery with several trips back to Dallas, but we are all on board and will do whatever it takes for this to heal like it is supposed to.

In the mean time there were lots of funny things that Ryan and I discovered driving down the road...including a road sign...billboard...that says, "miss me yet" with a picture of George Bush. We loved it!!!

The other stories have left my brain for the moment....

Only to return home and find out on tv that the storage building used by the toys for tots had been broken into and thousands of dollars worth of toys were stolen. Through the gracious efforts of this community and the entire surrounding area, toys and money are being donated so that children will still be able to receive a toy for Christmas.

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