December 6, 2010

Blowing from the East

It's hard to believe that for the first time since November 2008 the wind is slightly blowing from the East...slightly...we never have a slight wind. Anyway, we have now had two nights where the wood burning stove has drafted poorly. Cinnamon candles and febreeze are helping us all get through it!!!! Tana is a little under the weather, she's been keeping me warm with her fever too.... This will be a long but quick week, lots of things planned and lots of miles to go. Had potatoe soup for lunch again, only about 70 pounds of potatoes left!!! GO me, from casseroles to soup and more, we've been using the heck out of them!!

This weekend we learned...Tana does not like to share and she and Tate must be far enough apart not to get on each other's nerves and not to be interested in the same things. Although Tate will set up the trucks, trailer and animals in the living room, often he retreats to their bedroom and plays by himself and Tana is content on playing by herself. While Tana says Tate all the time and loves to climb on him just before bed, they aren't huggy children and leave each other alone for the most part.

We had the cutest 4-year-old girl at our house this weekend. I think Friday evening Tana thought it was fun, Saturday morning she wondered what they were still doing there when she woke up. Sunday morning she wondered when they would leave. Kayla kept telling Kailey that Tana had a mother and didn't need another boss...which is exactly what Kailey loved to do. She would gently guide Tana wherever she wanted her to go, and make her play hospital and lay on the bed (which Tana does not volunteer to do). Tana learned how to share and share space and toys and food. It was a great experience and I loved watching her, as she's truly is a little me as much as I deny it. The looks that appear on her face are priceless...and I can truly understand the meaning of each of them....

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