December 20, 2010

Clipping Heifers

I grew up around show cattle and had the opportunity to stay pretty close to the show industry while in college and still now. Became a County Extension Agent and got my feet wet again, and now with a different career will be able to spend more time playing with our cows and beginning to look into breeding. We purchased a Registered Angus heifer and will wait to see what her calf looks like. And in the mean time have many commercial cows that have high hopes for. Let's just say we actually have every opportunity to produce some amazing steers when the time comes!!!

But in the meantime...a wonderful local family has allowed me to help them with their heifers for the county show for the now the second year in a row. Last year I volunteered to help clip their heifers, take into account that I had not picked up a pair of clippers in years...much less...actually fully clipped anything. I contribute all of my abilities to spending hundreds of hours watching the best. I paid careful detail to every cut, shape and tricks. So for year number two I have now picked up the clippers again and have to say I am very proud of myself.

These heifers are very roughly clipped through a squeeze chute and standing on the fence. But big kuddos to Ben and Laura for the fact that I could even clip them tied to a panel!!! Keep up the good work. After a good washing this week on a warm day and another round of clipping next week, I am very excited about how they will turn out!!!!

This is Laura's heifer. Both are commercial Angus out of two different bulls, both are very wide and big hipped!! This one started with six inches of hair standing up on her neck...I called her a buffalo.

And this is Ben's heifer, not as massive as Laura's, but very pretty and clean fronted.

Will clip them again in two weeks and will post more pictures of my works of art!!!!

Thanks for letting me help! I can't wait to get our babies in the barn, we've got two of our own to start halter breaking as a just in case for next year...and as much as I know we could sell our #11, granddaughter of Sadie, we just can't do it, we're so excited to have four females from this bloodline, and she will still be able to compete with in the AOB class.

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