December 28, 2010

Good Girl!

I must have been a very good girl this year!!! Santa was extra generous. Talk about point and shoot, I got a fabulous new camera and a new shotgun!!!! Tate got a .22, so we had target practice after opening presents. This is of stories and great Christmas memories is too long for now, and I will have pictures coming later.

But on last Thursday I bought dog food at a local store. The line was long and moving slowly, and I can be a patient person. But when the second cashier opened up another register and the lady behind me ran over there first...when I was next in line...I thought I was going to loose it. I have not....or not every often shown a particular side of me in public, but I dropped the dog food and put my hands on my hips. How dare she. I have realized that people are raised differently...some have no concern for others...some just don't care if they are rude...and some like me are very offended by them! Have a great day.

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