December 14, 2010

Long Road Ahead

Tate is handling his ear surgery/recovery very well…probably better than the rest of us are. And Tana is so sweet. Last night when Ryan was changing his bandage Tana thought she should have a cotton ball too. So I tore one in half and put it in her ear. She was happy, just wants to be like Tate. So this morning we repeated the same, Ryan cleaning Tate’s ear…and Tana with cotton balls stuck in both ears. She forgets in a few minutes or after they fall out, but she wants to be just like Tate.

Story from last night…(each night I put in a cd for the kids to listen to…bad habit but it works) Tate says, I won’t be able to hear the music…I said but you still have one good ear…he says…but I have to sleep on it. Did I feel dumb!!!

Miss Kitty got to come play in the house last night, she’s just a little rough for Tana, so we are teaching Tana to climb on the chair or couch and she can get away from the puppy. Then Tana hangs over the edge telling Miss Kitty to come. Funny girls!!!!

Beautiful day today…with snow on the way by the end of the week!!! Regular chores will include filling the wood rack (or wood wack) as Ryan called it this weekend. Kind of like Barbara’s wed wed woof!!!!!

Christmas is not far away and I still have presents to wrap!!!! Help!!!! I’ll just stay up late one night after the kids are in bed!!!

PS - I've already come up with my next book...Meet Miss Kitty!!!!!

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