December 31, 2010

Never Hesitate

Okay, never say never, but today my slight hesitation, or maybe the tears running down my checks because the wind was so cold...caused me to not shoot the 2nd coyote. I was ready, more than ready, but as soon as he stopped my eyes were watering so hard the view through the scope was blurry. So he/she/it lived today. Ryan was able to shoot the other one a couple weeks ago and this one went to the same spot where that one must be decomposing. We never went to look at it, as it's in the bull pasture and no one goes out there. But this one must be back for revenge, Bubba headed to the house and stood in the corner until the coyote was gone. He'll be back and Ryan or I will be ready!!!

At home today cleaning, cooking, putting away storage items, and loving life. Good country music on and will have friends here for lunch. And during my breaks...I'm curiously watching to see if the coyote comes back close enough to the house. Leave my babies alone too!!!

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