December 23, 2010

Santa's Coming Early

To a seven year old who probably still believes that Santa is 100% real, he's not quite sure how Santa can visit him twice, but he hasn't asked any questions. In order to have a real Christmas at our house, it will happen in the morning. Santa is making a special trip, so that when Tate and Tana wake up, they will barely remember it is only Christmas Eve. I am so excited, but yet so behind. I have to get everything together!!!! All so that Tate can return to his mother's home tomorrow night and wake up to a similar scenario on Christmas Day. He's a trooper!!! But deep down the biggest reason for planning things the way we did, was so that both TATE and TANA wake up to stockings and presents and breakfast as if it were Christmas Day. Tana does not know what day it is!!!! But it crossed my mind driving into to town this morning, that we really can't go anywhere on Christmas Day because everyone else will be celebrating Christmas. Oh well. I can't wait for tomorrow morning....and will remember to take pictures!!!!!!

PS Last week we watched Santa Paws, a Christmas movie. The first movie we've all sat down too in forever!!!! And Tana cried through most of it. She is very compassionate and when the puppy or little girls were not treated well she cried for them. But at the end of the movie the girls dance, so she got her daddy up and danced!!!!

Tana signs. I'm not talking to actual songs, although she does pretend to sing along, but even when there is no music on. This morning she woke up and was humming!!!! Tate thinks she'll be a singer!!!!

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