December 1, 2010

When 8 year old boys play dress up....

We play dress up at our house, I mean almost anyone who has children plays some sort of dress up. But who would think it would be Tate, almost 8 years old...playing dress up with Tana....almost 2. And not the typical dress up. But instead dressing Tana up as what I'm sure the say the deputy sheriff of our house, as Tate would be considered the sheriff, along with handcuffs and a pistol!!!!!

The first time they did this, she had two holsters and two pistols, but I'm sure she was tired of standing still. She doesn't mind this one bit, walks around the house and often finds her (Tate's old) cowboy hat. Except last night she had pig tails and the hat wouldn't sit straight.

Dinner went well, Tate was full, Tana was picky, and Ryan and I ate the rest of the loaf of bread, it was amazing. Not sure what's for dinner tonight...

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