January 26, 2011

About Me

Many of you are probably figuring out a lot about my personality. I'm sort of plain and old fashioned, on a pretty summer day I love wearing a cotton skirt and tank top with flip flops. Yes, I can feed, fill up water and help Ryan with any project in a skirt. Back in the old days they were skirts so I see no problem with it. I think I've even had on a pair of leather gloves with this outfit. I feel girly!!! But on a typical day...after work...I'm in jeans, some sort of shirt, right now with a vest and/or jacket on, maybe a fancy scarft around my neck, even a hat on. I do not care and the cows do not care what I look like!

PS.The scarf mentioned above is often used to tie around Tana's head on a cold day, over her hood. It keeps her warm.

But here lately our schedules have been a litle off and I have fed immediately when I get home. And when I say immediately I mean, black dress pants, heels and whatever I might be wearing with all the jewelry. Again the cows do not care!!! When they start talking about me I might start to match or dress more appropriately for them. I fed the cows in the pen last night with buckets out of convenience as Tana can watch from her car seat in the truck, versus loading all of us up in the feed truck. My only concern was not stepping in the large green piles scattered about the pen. I then took of my cashmere zip up sweater, hung it on the barn door and threw out alfalfa hay. The hay does not stick to black dress pants, but will to the furry sweater!!! Tate filled up the water, we fed the dogs, and loaded up feed for the animals right by the house. Again, they did not care what I looked like.

I once said...on a very bad day...the best job in the world and to this day my dream job would be to feed cows. I love them!!! But cows do not talk, do not judge, and are happy to see you come down the road!! What a welcome home every day, pastures of cows waiting on you and happy to see you!

This post will be rather long...back to my point. While putting on my makeup every morning I have to entertain Tana with another makeup bag with miscellanous things in it. She takes them out, makes a pile, arranges them, puts them back in the bag, zips up and does this over and over. This morning she found a bar of soap, the green, smell good kind...makes you feel clean kind... After opening the box she recognized that this was the same soap I wash my face with every morning. Yes, cheap 99 cent soap, it works!! So she takes the soap, rubs it between her hands and then on her face. I leaned over to get her jeans on...and she rubs it on my face, chest, arms, hands. She's giggling and so am I. And all I can think is I'm going to smell like soap all day!!!

Speaking of smells. You just never know what you're going to smell around our house, with a hog farm in one direction and cattle feeders in the other, it just depends on how the wind blows. Not to mention our own animals in the pens. But never fail, Tana or I, or maybe both smell like Ryan. As soon as he gets dressed and sprays himself with one of his two favorite colognes, he tells us good bye, gives me a kiss and picks Tana up and gives her a kiss. She she smells like her daddy.

To end this post I found a picture. Miss Kitty was pretty young in this picture and at least twice this size now....actually maybe three times this size. She's gotten big, but still very sweet. But this is a calf nut, after one of many days working cattle. There's not a better dog treat out there. Sorry to those with weak stomaches...there are none of those around our house!

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