January 12, 2011

Good Morning World

I must be crazy...in fact I think I really am! The first night away from the family, husband, children, etc., in a long time! And I was up at 6:30 and began taking pictures. I must have something for sunrises and sunsets, and why I thought I needed to bring my camera on my trip, who knows, but I actually have been carrying it everywhere I go. So here's what I woke up to today:

These were all taken within a few minutes of each other. I wonder if the people of Dallas...on ground level...ever stop to appreciate the view. Something I do daily in the Panhandle.
Just below my room is the pool. It actually has water in it too!

The most fabulous bed in the world. If you can imagine me right in the middle surrounded by pillows with only my nose poking out!!
Want to stop and clarify something from the last post. I was not wearing the ripped jeans yesterday, I had on good jeans!!! PS the ripped jeans have now ripped in another place and have been deposited in the trash. I give up!

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