January 3, 2011

I didn't Hesitate

The coyote...or a coyote returned Saturday morning...just after I checked on our new baby calf. This time I was ready/steady/prepared. I had her sighted in for a while and just as she stopped at the edge of our large yard, I pulled the trigger. Didn't think twice, didn't take a breath, didn't hesitate. So my new motto was:

Really expensive gun/scope/etc
50 cent bullet
Dead coyote = priceless

We've now found out from neighbors that there were at least 9 of them at one point in time. We've gotten two, and a third one showed up Sunday morning. With calving season around the corner, they will be on our priority list!

Here's the picture...she looks small..but she was the size of a border collie. There are some out there much larger!!! And after watching an old episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska, we will keep the skull. Her dad has one heck of a collection of random animals!

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