January 10, 2011

Safety Pin

Thank GOD for safety pins. I never thought I would say this in my life. But, after analyzing my wardrobe I decided I did not need to take clothes to the laundry for this week. I have plenty of clothes for my seminar and thought I had a pair of brown pants for today...thought...only to find this morning when I pulled them out of the closet...they were capris. That would have been real cut on a very cold day.

So I pulled out a pair of pants, that I knew had a zipper issue. The zipper will slide up and down, but doesn't actually zip. I thought hey, if I pull that 1/3 of the way up and safety pin the top portion, wear a shirt long enough to cover, no one will know. That was a great plan until just before lunch when I had to go to the bathroom. Yes, this is getting personal. Just as I undid the safety pin and was fixing (yes that's a word too) to slide the zipper down, it came off in my hand. Now I only have one small safety pin holding my pants together. Dear GOD, I've been really good lately and could appreciate all of your help in making it through today without a disaster!!!!

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