January 31, 2011

What a Weekend

There are so many stories I don't know where to start...

Ryan worked on a wiring job...nothing like using the bucket of a tractor instead of a ladder!!!

This would be Tate and Tana watching their daddy...

So now we've decided we should take family photos...Tana disagreed.

Tate can only hold her down so long.

Instead she wanted to play with the puppy.

And was making faces at him!!

  Then yesterday I found out who was really feeding the cows:

Tate's first time to drive the OLD feed truck!

And so I ventured into the pasture to take a picture of our newest addition:

She's out of Creedence and a Bextor Daughter, born New Year's Day!!

And you know you're raising your kids right when their reading material is the Angus Journal!!!!

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