February 25, 2011

All at Once

The other day, well actually several months ago the dishwasher was not working very well. It really wasn't working at all. But guess what, Ryan found the trap on it that is supposed to be emptied every once in while. Blah, who wants to do that. So after cleaning the trap and the other components, I poured a nice bottle of CLR in it and decided that could fix anything. Needless to say it's never worked the same since. It makes a loud noise that sounds like a jet engine near take off, and we are waiting for it to blow up...but the dishes are very clean!!!

This morning the washing machine went crazy and I had to stop it, put it on the rinse cycle and moved the whole machine back into place.

At lunch, I changed the laundry and next was the dryer. Making an awful sort of knocking noise as if the whole thing was going to crater into a pile of nuts and bolts.

At this moment I feel like all of the appliances are going to die at the same time. Hot water heater...you better hang in there!!!

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  1. Cleaning is not easy, but hopefully the rewards are quite rewarding.