February 18, 2011

The Blog and Much More

First, you all know how much I love to keep you up to date with the activities around our place. Anything from snotsicles and milksicles to the kids, dogs, and arguing over the color of ear tags. But I'm so excited to inform you that Little House on the Horizon was a featured blog on Blogging Women on Tuesday, February 15, 2011. Wow!!! I love my life, love my family and all that comes with it....at least 99.9% of the time! I won't lie, we all have days and moments.

And on to the much much more. Tana headed off to the barn...you know to scratch a horse on the nose, or feed something that doesn't need it already. Who knows what she would truly do in the barn when no one is watching??? But she fell down and Tate was there to pick her up.

So she's not too happy in this picture, but also check out Tate's new glasses!!!! He is reading well, actually loves to read and I am pretty sure he did amazing on his spelling test today!!!!

Look around the blog, I have updated several pages, new pictures of 'Boss' our newest dog, the beautiful sky last night and also a depressing view of trees and last year's garden!!!! Have a great day and don't step in a pile. (I've never said that before, but for some reason it really makes me laugh!!!)

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