February 9, 2011

Catch Up

Okay, it's been a while, we've had a lot going on so just read!!!

As promised...dirty snow...

And my parents came for a visit...and it just happened to be Tate's birthday...and Tana's was the week before, so I made them both a cake.

Let's just say Tana has not been feeling well at all...and she wanted nothing to do with the cake, didn't eat it. Still isn't eating much. These have been some of the longest days ever!!

Anyway, moving on, check out some of the other pages as I have updated them and took pictures in the snow this morning!!!

But I must add this picture too:

Wonderful LuLu found a static cling chalkboard and both kids are loving it. We placed it so that Tate would have a space just high enough that Tana couldn't reach...then she went and got her stool so she could reach!!! A great way to practice spelling words!!!

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