February 4, 2011

Crazy Cows

Sorry I haven’t been around in a while…between breaking ice, feeding cows, keeping them at peace with each other, feeding kids, practicing spelling words and more, we’ve been a little busy. But I will start at the beginning. The ice is thick, melting a little today, but will hang around for a while!!! The cows love to see the feed truck coming or even a person in the barn, they are all very gentle and don’t mind stepping on your toes either. Keeping them at peace has been more of a challenge!!! We have one named Ginger, she’s a small, bottle fed heifer who will calve in March/April, she has a little white on her face, very gently, very normal. Well the other cows think she is far from normal. As I chopped and chopped through ice in a pen so they could drink…she was in the other pen. So I got behind her and tried to make her go to water…she was very hesitant. I should have taken that as a hint. Anyway, I finally got her to the gate and Bella, one of our many boss cows, stood there and watched as I made Ginger walk into the pen to get water. Out of the corner of my eye I see #1 back out of the barn where she was peacefully eating hay and turn at a full run at Ginger. Those that have cattle know the sound I am about to describe. It was #1’s head crashing into Ginger’s side and it was a grown sort of growl coming from Ginger. I got the point, they don’t like her, but later I did see that she was sneaking a drink!!! And they usually use her as their babysitter. Crazy cows. I am stopping on my way home to take a photo of dirty snow. You will not believe it!!! So many stories, so little time, will share more later!!!

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