February 23, 2011

Get Creative...

....with Food. You never know what might happen, and most of the time it will turn out edible. For instance, last night I wanted to make a pasta bake. I pulled linguine out of the pantry, cooked the noodles. Shredded left over turkey that my mom put in the freezer while she was here. Tossed with a touch of olive oil and heated well in a skillet, added a half a can of crush tomatoes as they've been in the frig for a while. Next added a can of cream of mushroom soup and a can of fiesta cheese soup (very difficult to find but one of our grocery stores carries it, could easily be substituted with left over cheese dip!!!), mixed well. Once everything was heated I added the pasta to the sauce, tossed well, topped with a lot of cheese and stuck in the oven! Voila!!! I had to taste it last night, but it's really for tonight. I love to be one step ahead on dinner. Between feeding the animals, the kids and who knows what else happens in an evening!!! And I did plan on taking step by step pictures...but my camera was in the truck that Ryan took to a dinner meeting!!!! Love you dear!

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