February 28, 2011

More Later

There will be much more later today as it was an eventful weekend and I have pictures to prove it, but I had to write this first. I found a blog last week called Joy the Baker and would you know it, she loves to bake! And would you know it, I do too, but often at 6:30 in the morning!!!! So I tried one of her recipes: Lemon Cornmeal Breakfast Cake, OMG, this is delicious, and Ryan, who does not care for sweets even liked it. And Tate had it for desert last night, so it will work for any occasion, I'm especially thinking a brunch. And I'm sure you could make a nice big recipe in a rectangular pan and slice into squares!!!! Check out her site and look at the picture, as with having Tana hanging off my leg, I took no pictures. More later though, we have a new bottle calf and Ryan was on horseback during the 60 mph wind/dirt storm!!!!

And if you haven't noticed, I would totally take time off work to make every recipe in a book. I try very hard to do it in my spare time, but between children and a husband and the animals, there's not much time to cook!!! But we get by!! Chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes with green beans (that Tate said didn't taste very bad) with rolls for dinner on Friday night. And I cheated on Saturday and rolled hot dogs in crescent rolls, but they are so good and the kids love them!!! Tana ate a whole one! So in the future I've decided that when I travel I will visit some sort of new place, either a home town cafe or a home town manufacturer of something, cheese, jelly, a vegetable garden, you name it!!! So my next trip is to Tyler, TX and if you've got suggestions of a place I need to check out let me know!!!

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  1. Janie's Cakes These are to die for!!! You can get a sneak preview at janiescakes.com The tart baby jane is my favorite!!