February 28, 2011

Moving Cows

Ryan has been off a horse for a while, for reasons due to work, family, building pens, etc. We do have a plan on how to actually finish the pens, in a economically sound way!!! Starting tonight with moving panels and finishing the south side!!! Yippee!!!

Anyway, Ryan loves working cattle and is amazing on a horse and with a rope (and I promise honey that baby calf did run through your loop a few times). All that aside, he's a great cowboy and here are a few pictures of what we did yesterday.

Here comes a feed truck...cows love hay!

There go the cows!!!

Ryan is checking tack and making sure everything is in place!

Riding off into the calm before the storm, some 30 minutes later you couldn't see this far for the dirt blowing sideways in 60 mph winds!

And I notice there aren't as many picking strings on the trailer as usual. Hum, Tate's the only one that can reach....no we have these all of the place holding together all sorts of things.

While the guys were out, we searched and found Tate a few good OLD bones, meaning they were fully decayed and no longer stink. He can't wait to take them to school!!! I remember picking teeth out of all sorts of dead things when I was little!

What a weekend is about - having a good time, doing what you love and watching your children herd puppies like cattle and riding their tricycles into the house. Yes, that was plural...Tate was on Tana's bike with training wheels and Tana was on her tricycle. It was too cute, except all the tire marks across the concrete floors!!!!

Check out the critters, there's new pictures!

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