February 16, 2011

Our House

The first time I told Tana to shoot the ball, meaning pick up the small basketball and throw it into the goal in our living room, she ran to the toy box, pulled out the plastic pistol that makes noises and returned to the basketball goal and point the pistol at the backboard. And all I could think was, I told her to shoot it!!!! Having children reminds you to step back, slow down and clarify. Something many of us do on a daily basis as well.

I've written before about snow blowing horizontally, and at a very fast pace. Today, it would be dirt, leaves and left over trash. I've even heard a story of someone walking across a street having a plastic bag land on their head. Nothing is surprising on a day like today. And even though it's definitely not skirt weather, I love wearing skirts and flip flops and feeding cows. It's just so much fun to feel girly every once in a while. Bring on spring and cool clothes!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey, I was the one that got hit with the plastic bag! Love your blog girlie and love working with you!