February 24, 2011

Things I couldn’t Live Without

Duck Tape – Heaven knows duck tape can hold almost anything together, from basic household items, to grill guards, tool boxes, radiator hoses. I’ve used a lot of duck tape in my life.

Double Sided Tape – There are just some times this is the only possible solution for a job, including wrapping presents, hanging items on a bulletin board and even holding together your shirt between the buttons. Sometimes mine gaps open, and a simple fix is a small piece of double sided tape!!!

Safety Pins – I used to think these were outdated, and then when you need one you don’t have one handy and have to dig through packed up sewing supplies. Guess what, I’m wearing those pants again…the one’s without a zipper. Yes, I know, but once I took them to the cleaners and then picked them up and put them in the closet….I forgot. So thank you safety pin for starting the day off well!!!

Wire – from hay bales!!! This stuff gets used not once, not twice but often hundreds of times until it becomes so rusted and brittle it falls apart. We have wire that holds a water hose in just the right spot to water horses without having to hold the hose!!!

Bobbie Pins – when I met Ryan he said the only person who knew who wore bobbie pins was his grandmother. That made me feel great, but the truth is I wear bobbie pins, either to hold up all the waves of my hair or to pin back a small portion on top. They work great, and can even be substituted as paper clips when needed!!!

Paper Grocery Sacks – these are the best! Turn the inside out and iron them and use them for wrapping paper for any occasion. And they also make a great fire started for our wood burning stove. So no plastic grocery bags for me!!!

And last but probably most important…TOILET PAPER. We go through a lot of toilet paper around my house and Tana isn’t really potty trained yet, so yes it’s mostly me. And Ryan let’s me know about it, he’s tried to estimate how many rolls I go through in a year. But let’s not mention the fact that he’s got a roll under the driver’s seat of every truck for those just in case moments!!!!

We all have little things that make our days go by easier!!! In fact very often I start my day with an ice cold Dr. Pepper!!!

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