February 1, 2011

The Title

I try to write down my thoughts a lot, especially if they are keepers, you know the really good ones you never want to forget...well...I've found the title to my book...it came to me yesterday...From Blue Sky to Hail and Back. In about Chapter 3 I will explain more regarding that...and I say Chapter 3, but have yet to even start this book. I've been more into writing children's books because I think they are important and that there aren't enough books out there to teach children about growing up on a ranch. Maybe some day I will have several published!!!

In the meantime I plan on making an outline of what each chapter will reveal, about my first few weeks with Ryan, all the lessons I learned, and the things I thought he SHOULD have known or I SHOULD have taught him. Last night he asked if he was the same now as he was when we first met...you know really to the point and blunt, he's not exactly a warm and fuzzy kind of man. I said yes, he hasn't changed one bit...he has...on the little things, but he's still got the same personality...and guess what...it rubbed off on me too...and now our 2 year old daughter!!! Watch out world, here we come.

Oh and did I mention I want a cookbook too. I do have recipes that I don't share...and this is where they will wind up...And it would include a chapter of those too easy to reveal recipes, the ones that take only a few ingredients and five minutes of time and your almost so ashamed to reveal how you made it because it tastes soooo good and was soooo easy!!!

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