February 17, 2011

Wind, Dirt and Sun

Wow, only February 17th and it already feels like summer is peaking around the corner. Hahaha, if only winter was over. But between the wind, blowing like crazy, the dirt, hitting you sideways in the wind, and the sun drying everything out. This could be a depressing spring and summer. Going to start seeds for the garden and am already dreading how much I will have to water to keep all the plants alive this summer. The cows are drinking more water too. And there are already huge cracks in the ground and again...it's only February.

Today's calendar quote: Mother's intuition tells me you've been up to no good - now, I just need to catch you! Oddly enough this happens quite often around our house. And when a child is caught you immediately know it... Why kids do the things they do often puzzles me. But oh well.

Great advice my aunt passed a long the other day. This is not the hill I want to die on today. I've reminded myself of that several times over the last few days and it helps me move on!!!

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