March 1, 2011


Will take pictures tonight or early in the morning of 'Hamburger' our newest critter!! He's a cute one, four legs, big dark eyes, a few white spots on his head, a tail that wags...can you guess? He's our new bottle calf. His mother didn't make it so we are raising him. I think he's already associated me as his mother, which is fine, I'll have a halter on him before long and let Tana drag him around. And his name is very fitting, if you are at all like know where beef comes from and it doesn't grow on plants. We produce beef, we eat beef and we are not attached to our animals, they all have a purpose in life. (Sorry I'll get off my soap box!)

This morning I had to wake Hamburger up. Literally, he was sleeping so hard he never heard me coming. I laid my hand on his back and he jumped up, looked around and then realized I was there with milk. Tana likes him, except when he balls at the cows. They are right next door and some are getting ready to calve themselves, so he thinks one of them is his mother I'm sure!

Funny story: the calf born on New Years day has figured out the other cows are producing milk. She stood a few feet away from Sadie, who is very gentle and the boss of the herd. Anyway, this little heifer got close enough to barely put Sadie's teat in her mouth and flick it around a few times. She wasn't ready to latch on yet, not knowing if Sadie would stand still, so she just played. With a quick turn of her head, Sadie looked at the heifer and she ran off. But I'm sure she'll try to sneak a drink from the other cows too...we have a few community milkers.

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