March 24, 2011

Mommas and Babies

Over the next several weeks our lives will be devoted to mommas and babies..the four legged kind. While I know every cows name, their dam and sire and just what they looked like as a calf...Ryan knows ear tags. And even though I love them, talk to them and feed them extra...they are his pets...herd too. Cows that have given birth for years on their own in the woods behind my grandparents house..are not required to spend the night in a pen and have a good look over before being turned out. What can I say, we value each animal and it's not that we love, cherish and are proud of them...but they are dollar signs and every calf they have are as well!!!

Look under the food page, I've been doing menu planning again for weeks at a time (although I was caught in the grocery store the other day and the unnamed person could not believe I took enough time to write it all out). What can I say, you save time and money by planning ahead. And I'm all about rinsing and re-rinsing out soap bottles the get the last goodie out of them!!!!

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