March 3, 2011

Soap Box

I try hard most of the time not to get on my soap box, but I have something that is really bothering me. Yes, all sorts of groups must fundraise, otherwise activities/projects or events just wouldn't happen. And recently we had a take home fundraiser (yes, everyone here locally will know what I'm talking about) but who cares at this point. This organization is awarding prizes for the top three sellers in each grade and a pizza party to the top selling class in each grade. I know that we have to often times provide an incentive for youth to get involved. And hey, if you sell the most here's what you win. But the prizes have nothing to do with education and I seriously doubt that an ipod shuffle can be used during class time. Okay, I'll calm down now.

I have surrounded myself...all my life...with very strong women, and I was raised in a very traditional home. As the years have gone by I've learned a ton about homeschooling and the thinking behind it. And even though Tana is not old enough to go to school yet, we are always working on something, last night I wrote out the abc's while Tate was writing his spelling words. Every part of life is a lesson, especially when you live like we do and have lots of responsibilities, and cattle outside every window. Life is school. Yes, Tate has a Leapster2 at our house that he can play in his spare time, which is not very often. And those "games" are educational and deal with puzzles, math, and spelling. I don't feel guilty for this. I do think there are a lot of other modern toys/electronic things that are a waste of time. Tana plays the piano for heaven’s sake and sings along.

We only get 4/5 tv stations on a good day and the antenna has been losing pieces one at a time in the high winds. Will we be sad when it finally crashes, maybe? Maybe not though, because we went without TV for almost a year. It isn't a priority for us. Putting dinner on the table and making sure all the animals are cared for is a priority. We spend little time inside when the weather is nice.

Anyway, I thought the prizes were awful and have nothing to do with education...why not a gift certificate to the next book fair or school supplies for next year. I know these aren't exciting, but I'm not a fan of having to entice kids to do anything, they should do it because it's their responsibility, job, or just the right thing to do.

Okay, we will be back to regular programming later today with details about last night's dinner!!!

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