March 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I think both my house and my body are ready for spring and spring cleaning. I'm ready to be active...well sort of, not on cleaning my house, but working outside. Maybe I can find someone to help me clean the inside!! Closets need to be organized and yes so does my pantry. As we get older we acquire more things, children's clothes get bigger, shoes get larger too, we have more variety of things...and our 925 square foot space is shrinking. We also believe that our dryer is shrinking clothes all of a sudden too!!! As for my body...I desperately need an early spring pedicure and can't wait for flip flops!!! Those people are going to be aphauled at my feet, they are rougher than any sand paper I've ever seen. That might have been too much information! But I love to go barefoot all year long. Last nigth we fed Hamburger and I wore pajama pants, flip flops and t-shirt (of course with a coat, the weather can't make it's mind up yet!).


  1. The spring cleaning is a great idea. It is like a tradition for me to clean the house when the weather becomes warmer.

  2. Spring cleaning to me is like cleaning out the soul. It makes for a great start to living a good life. Something we always did when you were a child, shedding of the winter and looking for new life.