March 7, 2011

You can Relate

Or at least anyone who has a two year old, keeps a two year old or once had one too. There are just some times that are not fun and not every weekend is peaceful or enjoyable. But finally Tana and I had a great weekend with no fits, yelling or anything else. We had fun! That would include brushing Hamburger (Tate wants to know if we can build a small halter so that Tana can lead him around...Hamburger, not Tate!!), we also had to feed him twice a day and she's loving that. She also loves feeding the horses anything she can get her hands on.

We were very productive this weekend and I'll clarify the we part in a minute. Ryan started a project Friday evening and was completely finished on Saturday, even painted. All the tools and the trailers were put back like they belong yesterday. I'm so proud of him and he felt so productive. My part...keeping Tana out of wet paint, away from Ryan while he was welding and off the stairs to the storage area. So what did we do!!! We pulled up all of last year's dead veggies in the garden, mixed the dirt/soil/manure, rearranged pots, added tubs and pet any four legged critter that stood by the fence.

I will be taking an early after picture of the garden. It's after the cleaning, but there's so much left to do and I will be so proud of showing you the final product. I want to track exactly what I plant and what they produce!!!

And...speaking of before and after. My kitchen is a disaster. I have a tiny cabinet for all the pots/pans/casseroles/etc and can't keep it organized, but even worse is the pantry/spice cabinet/mixers/anything else that fits. I'm pretty sure there's a roll of tape and some chalk up there too. I've found containers that will all fit nicely and after labeled turn into a very organized cabinet. So as embarrassing as it is...I will photo the cabinets for all of you to see. While I love to organize and keep things sort of tidy (I have a very small space to work with as well truly live in 960 square feet), and I would rather come to your house and organize than do my own!!!!

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