April 29, 2011

A Rip in My Pants

Thinking back now, I seem to have bad luck with clothes and finding rips/breaking zippers in the bathroom. I have just discovered a rip in my pants. Don’t look, I will be changing them at lunch. That’s what I get for wearing my jeans anywhere at any time (this rip looks like a rip caused by barb wire). And its not just jeans, I’ve been known to do some pretty crazy things in my work clothes. I mean doesn’t everyone feed hay during lunch in their heels?? '
Speaking of heels, Miranda Lambert sang with some other girls on a show a while back and the song was .. wait, I just looked it up, the band is called Pistol Annies and they sang Hell on Heels. Oh wait, with a little more research here is the actual performance!!!! I love it, but I’m already a big fan of Miranda. And I can't wait to see more of them. It could be a combination of voices from Miranda - one girl sounds like Sheryl Crow, they are awesome!

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