May 20, 2011

Before the Truck Stopped

...Tana said, "Bye, momma, later." She's had such a great time playing with friends, and making friends her age. She didn't want to leave yesterday and woke up this morning, put her shoes on and was ready to go. I had to force her to take a shower!!!! She's making friends and I'm buildinga stronger friendship too.

Plans for the weekend - get caught up on laundry and dish, clean out the frig, and organize my pots and pans. I have no idea what is in there!!!! A side note about the small corner cabinet in the kitchen: while I was 7 months pregnant, I crawled through the 12" opening to secure the bolts on the underside of the counter. The kitchen was the last thing completed before we moved in to the 'bunkhouse'. Maybe, just some day maybe, we will get to build a house! I've been dreaming! Wouldn't know what to do with a bathtub, closet larger than 35" wide, a true laundry room, a place to set my laptop (much less keys, purse, coat, etc.) and the kids to have their own room and bathroom. I think Tana will enjoy the baths too. Okay, still dreaming,. Back to reality!!!

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