May 3, 2011

Everyone Has One...

Everyone has one of those cows that you just can’t trust. You know the one that will take off running from the other side of the pasture and you don’t know whether she’s bluffing or not. Well….we have one. Her name is Flop; she’s big, black and the best momma in the pasture. Her ears hang down to her nose and her feet are huge. Well this weekend we moved a few cows and their calves through a gate to another pasture. One cow, which recently calved, lagged behind, with a group of 10 calves following. Tana and I were in the gator, quietly pushing them toward the gate, where Ryan had already called the cows across with the feed truck.

This group was not cooperating well, and even though Tana was shooing them and slapping her leg, just like I do, they wouldn’t go. Ryan drove back into the pasture, honked the horn and two cows came back with him. Which is great, gave this momma and all the babies an idea of where they were supposed to go. Except, one of those cows was Flop. At this point I am standing half way between the gate and the gator where Tana sat. All I know if Flop is at a dead run and I’m thinking…Is she going to stop?

Not taking any chanced I make a beeline, running for the gator. All the time Ryan is laughing in the feed truck, and then proceeds to honk the horn and everyone follows with Tana and me bringing up the rear of the calves on the gator. First thing Ryan says….You Chicken… We both laughed. It has taken Flop a long time to be comfortable contained in a pen, with or without other cows. But when it comes to babies, they don’t even have to be hers and she’s still going to protect them!

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