May 5, 2011

If It Works, Use It!

After reading another blog I follow some days, and yes I need to update my list on the right. I decided to comment on her article on skin care on my own blog! I am not fancy and tend to use whatever is in the drawer no matter how old it might be and thank goodness my mom tends to pamper me at Christmas with new shades of lipstick and new sticks of mascara. But in the end when I’m out…I’m out. I don’t like spending money on much of anything (unless it’s a child or has four legs!), but especially makeup.

So when I ran out of moisturizer, the same container I’ve had for at least two years (maybe much longer), I didn’t know what to do. Drive two hours and buy an overpriced moisturizer? Or buy online and pay shipping on the same thing? Well after four weeks of using: Night Time Baby Lotion on my face morning and evening (yes I can smell it all day)…I broke down and ordered new products yesterday. And they just happened to have mascara on sale, so shshshshsh, don’t tell my husband but I splurged…again…two times in one week. (The other was while I went to the store and bought orange juice in a bottle. It’s so much more expensive than mixing it yourself, but it tastes so good!!!)

While I do believe skin care is extremely important and I do have a special moisturizer with SPF in it for those days when I know I’ll be working in the sun all day….it’s just not something I stress/worry over as long as it’s working for my skin. And evidentially Night Time Baby Lotion has worked well!! Unfortunately I tend to neglect all other areas of my body and often when I take my jeans and socks off you see very, very dry skin, and we won’t even talk about my feet. But something I can’t pass up mentioning about would by my hands. They are rough, they have calluses and I do own a pair of gloves that fit them perfectly. I use my hands and forgot to take care of them…until I shake hands with a man who has nice, soft, freshly lotioned hands…and then I giggle and think - I work a whole lot harder than you do and I smile!

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  1. I could have written this post myself. I have been using the regular old johnson's pink baby lotion on my face for the past few months. I figure if it's good enough for my baby's butt, it's good enough for my face. :) lol My all I've asked for for Mother's Day is a pedicure, because my feet are scary!