May 26, 2011

A Short Story

Once upon a time there was a little country girl. She wanted to do everything her big brother did. Including riding either her tricycle or bicycle with training wheels around the front drive. Every day she went farther and farther, would get stuck or need to be rescued.

The other evening was no exception. Tana started around the drive and got half way when she became stuck in the loose rocks. After pulling her tricycle for a few feet, she gets off, and decides she's done.

 Tate convinced her to stay on her tricycle, but she was still stuck.
 So he told her to wait, he'd be back.
 Riding in the barn on Tana's bicycle...
 Tate finds a small rope.
 Ties it to Tana's tricycle to pull it in.
 This time Tana wants to ride.
 All was going well until they wrecked. (Ryan and I saw this coming, but it was something you just had to let happen and they were too cute!)
 Now Tana is really done, Tate drags in the tricycle by himself.
Tana had no scratches, just the dirt off the rocks. She made a full recovery and rides often. That is until she wouldn't listen the other night and daddy took away both the bicycle and tricycle for two whole days... And she can see them. So every time she asks to ride I have to remind her why they are put up.

Check out Tate's pages for a special critter or two...Aunt Kathy - don't look.

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