June 13, 2011

The Hail Storm

According to the radar our side of town was not forcasted for much. But just in case I asked Ryan if we should bring in Little Man, our #2 dependable horse/tool/buddy/four legged animal. We are pretty partial to Clyde being #1, but Little Man is much more flexible and daring! If you want a horse to stand on a table, jump on a rock, or do any other crazy thing, he's the man. But Clyde had just been unsaddled and was under the barn eating his oats and hay after a long day of work. Little Man remained in the pasture eating green grass and getting his exercise (or having a fit because he was by himself).

We received a few sprinkles and then heard loud thuds on the metal roof....hail...the size of golf balls. I took pictures, the hail is in the freezer! But Little Man weathered the storm without any shelter. It was awful, but as soon as it was over, we caught him and put him in the barn!!! Poor guy.

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